Message, Magnetism, Mojo, and Money Retreat

‘Your Message, Magnetism, Mojo, and Money’ Speakers Retreat


Create Impact and Income through Inspired Speaking


October 6-8, Jackson Hole, Wyoming  

Ahhh…  This new business of yours, let’s talk about that.   You’re venturing into new territory — taking the gifts and skills and wisdom you’ve gained from your life and success, and packaging it in a new way — a way that gives you the financial freedom you desire, that lets you share your passions and talents with those who would benefit, and gives you both the moolah AND the fulfillment AND the impact AND the freedom you seek, yes?  You’re in the right place!

rock your talk!If you know you are meant to be speaking to groups and rockin’ your talks — either on big stages (woot!) or small groups (sweet!) or as part of your “marketing strategy” to fill your seminars and workshops, or simply because you know you’ve got to step into the spotlight and speak what’s in your heart to take your business to the next level of impact, influence, and income — I’ve got just the thing for you …


This is for you if:

  • You’ve got a big vision and know you’ve got to be on stage, inspiring audiences with your message.
  • You want to feel relaxed and be the real you on stage, without having to pretend the audience is naked or other silly gimmicks.
  • You’ve got the ambition, desire, and skills to create a multi-six-figure business and you know you can do it by rockin’ your talks and getting yourself out there with a clear message, focus, and strategy.
  • You’ know that your next level success is going to come by having more fun, relaxing into the true you, and playing with your life and business instead of “trying” so hard to control, micro-manage, and force results.
  • You want to show up as an authoritative and engaging expert, inspiring speaker, and authentic leader in your field.
  • You value the power of small groups coming together with shared intention and laser focus to tap into a greater intelligence and creativity than any could do alone.
  • You enjoy being in the mountains in autumn… ahhh…. Tetons in the fall!

Here’s what’s happening at The Message of You: Mojo and Magnetism Speaker’s Retreat:

~ Get clear on YOUR MESSAGE.   Not just “what do you speak about” but WHO ARE YOU and WHY are you called to do this work in the world?   This is the deep-dive inner foundation that people FEEL regardless of your words.

  • It’s who you are BEING that then inspires and magnetizes your audiences to you.   It also makes your words and topics easy — because you know what your message IS and all you have to do is be real, be you.   This is also known as “Your Platform” and is the expression of your unique genius.
  • There are levels of your message — the message of YOU that is beyond words, and then the words, phrases, taglines, titles and topics that you are known for.  We’re dialing in both of these: the essence AND the marketing language.   You’ve got to have both for your business to flow with ease and joy!
  • And who is your audience, anyway?  Not just “anyone willing to listen” but the groups and clients who are willing to pay you.  Not chump change, either.   Let’s get out of the “hobby” thing and into a real business providing real value that people are willing to pay well for.

anne-speak2~ Activate your speaking MOJO.   This is amplified by your ability to trust yourself and just be natural and authentic as you are speaking, so that you’re not just “communicating information” from your head, but rather speaking from your heart in a way that creates emotional connection and resonance with your audience.

  • We all can feel when someone is speaking from the heart — it has an intangible quality to it.   This doesn’t come from rehearsing or imagining your audience is naked or any silly hacks to “fake it til you make it.”
  • This comes from the ALIGNMENT of your heart, your soul, your divine purpose and gifts, with the words and content you are sharing, with your audience, in a meaningful way.
  • When we ALIGN all the core elements of your message, you tap into the MOJO — the ineffable presence that is FELT by all and touches hearts.

~ Speech Weaving.   Weave together the “information” or content portion of your message with the STORIES that take your listeners on a journey and touch the heart, create your signature talk, and receive feedback from the group.

  • This is practical, actionable work that begins with identifying the journey you want to take your audience on.  Then we weave together your key teaching points, stories, and messaging into a cohesive flow that is EASY to deliver because you’re telling a story.
  • This is what STICKS with the audience as you weave your message in and out in a way that is memorable (without being teachy, preachy, or pompous).
  • Whether you want to have a keynote speech ready, or have the building blocks prepared for several speeches that you can use for different settings, this is the practical work that bridges the energy and passion in your heart, with the specific words that will touch and inspire your audiences.
  • We are taking “speech-writing” and creation to a whole new level of creativity, fun, and impact here.  You will leave with a speech that you’ve practiced and received feedback on!

~ Take a Stand.   You can have amazing talents, expertise, skills, and a powerful message to share, but if you are hiding behind false humility (“aw shucks, who am I to think I’m special, I’m no expert”) or lack of clarity (“I just don’t know my message or platform”) or smallness (“nobody is really going to pay me that much”) or procrastination or any of the other clever ways that our ego keeps us hiding, you will remain invisible — to audiences and to money!

  • Visibility and “coming out of the closet as the amazing YOU that you are” is not for the faint of heart.  That’s why we need each other to rewire the nervous system to feel SAFE being visible, bold, and claiming “expert” status in our areas of genius so that we can get on with the business of living our purpose!
  • Show up as the best you.  On stage.   Let ’em FEEL your magnetism.  (And this is NOT showboaty inflated-ego charisma, either.   This is you just being real.   Trust me, I’m an introvert myself (!!) and it’s not about pretending to be an extrovert or adopting someone else’s charismatic quirks — it’s just relaxing into being the real you in front of a crowd.)

~ Speaking Strategy.   How will you find your audiences?  What will you enroll them into?   How will you generate income, specifically, in a way that feels fun and easy and joyful?    The nitty-gritty details of how you will share your message is where it gets real.    We’ll dive into these details so you have a specific action plan — and the flexibility to adjust course as you go, with confidence and clarity.

  • We’ll talk about how to get booked as a speaker, where to find your audiences, how to connect with the decision-makers who can book you, and how to fill your calendar with speaking opportunities.
  • I’ll share with you my easy-peazy strategy for enrolling people in your programs, workshops, coaching, or retreats (in a totally non-salesy way that feels great for everyone) –without “selling from the stage” and help you to customize it for your own talks.  (This is the same strategy I’ve used to generate up to $14,000 from a free talk.   It works!)

~ Money and Business Strategy.    How will you get paid in a way that feels aligned and inspired?   What’s it really going to take to monetize your message, really?   What will you charge?   Why?  Who will pay it?  How does this all become a way of being in which your work feels like play?

  • We’ll look at how to get paid for your speaking, and/or what programs you want to enroll people into:  How will you work with people who want to take it further?  What does that look like, at what price point, how will you set it up, how will you do “sales” without feeling salesy — we’ll cover all the details for YOUR personalized roadmap so you’re set.  This is where you create the details of your business model that lets your work feel like play!

~ Face the Fear (and Love It!).   We’ll play with specific, practical, and playful ways to breathe through the fear and keep your momentum going so you don’t get stuck when you hit an “upper limit” threshold in your nervous system (the fear stories are very clever and feel very real and justified, in why you can’t possibly let your life be THAT awesome!) and can get your genius into the world in ways that really help people.   There are people who need exactly what YOU have to offer, NOW — there’s no time to be getting in your own way and letting resistance or mental fog keep you playing small and invisible.

  • We’ll talk emotional intelligence, SPECIFIC steps and tools you can use to stay clear, focused, and on track, and power practices to keep you in your mojo — even on days when you wonder if you should just go get a job, it would be so much easier, what were you thinking, etc.  (My version of this is usually fantasizing about moving to Peru to herd alpacas… SURELY that would be easier than THIS! ha ha ha.)


I have a greater understanding of myself, my purpose and the direction for my speech and my business. I have a brighter, clearer vision of my business and my message is becoming more joyful and fun. Anne has a keen ability to “connect the dots” which is helping me draw from my personal experience to better present a strong message for my business. It was so much more than I expected — Anne is inspired and intuitive!” ~ Cindy Perry



hotel terraOur retreat will be held at the luxurious Hotel Terra resort and surrounding Teton Village areas at the base of the spectacular Tetons in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The hotel has received awards for best Eco-friendly/Green hotel and is consistently voted one of the Best Resorts in the West in Reader’s Choice awards.    Enjoy the views from the rooftop infinity pool and hot tub at the end of our mojo-licious days!

We’ll be both indoors and outdoors, taking the tram to the top of the mountain (weather permitting) for mountaintop activities, as well as light hiking and nature walks to complement our work.   Outdoor Genius Games on the mountainside may be part of our adventures as well, as inspired.


  • 3 full days of rockin’ your talk,  activating your mojo, clarifying and unleashing your unique genius and message, specific and strategic training on your speaking, and personalized laser-coaching and support with your message and business   ($7500 value)
  • My proven strategy for generating 5-figures from a single free talk – and personalized mentoring to adapt it for your own business, message, and income goals ($5000 value)
  • The Story of You : Unleash Your Mojo, Magnetism, and Message : my signature deep-dive program ($2,500 value)
  • Lunch each day.
  • A small group environment of like-minded, focused, ambitious leaders like you!

** Lodging is not included


LABOR DAY SPECIAL :   Pay in Full by September 6 and save $500!  $2495

Sign Me Up!


PAYMENT PLAN:  Two-pay option:   $1500 by September 6 and $1500 by September 20Payment Plan


rock-star-talkOR … UPGRADE TO ROCKSTAR STATUS! $9,995 or $2995 deposit plus 3 monthly payments of  $2600

  • all of the above, PLUS:
  • 3 months private coaching, mentoring, unblocking, accountability, and support to help you create your six-figure speaking business, one rockin’ talk at a time ($7500 value)
  • a “Genius Whisperer” marketing mojo session to align your website, email copy, speaker bio, one-sheet, and marketing communications with your Mojo Genius Message ($995 value).

ROCKSTAR FULL-PAY BONUS:   Pay in full and save $1,000 from the regular registration rate:   $8,995
Total value:  $23,495


Save your spot with a $500 deposit.   We’ll set up a time for a welcome call to answer any questions you may have, be sure it’s a mutually delightful fit, and select your payment preference.  If it turns out to be not quite the right timing or the right fit (as deemed by either of us), your deposit will either be refunded or applied to a future program, your choice.


After sending your deposit, email support AT with your phone number and I’ll call you to set up our welcome call and get started!


“Thank you for such an incredible event! Wow, I’m so impressed, over the moon at the magic from what a few days on retreat can bring! So insightful, magical, supportive, imaginative, and such fun, too!  I’ve worked with several other coaches but your approach is so much more effective and I’m actually seeing results — clients, speaking opportunities, jobs, money breakthroughs — it is happening!”  ~ Megan King

“You have literally helped me transform my life in bigger ways than I ever imagined. And you have gone above and beyond with communicating by email and following up with me, which has renewed my faith in so many ways and meant more to me than you can imagine. You have been giving me the gifts of listening, interaction, warmth, support, wisdom, and insight to name a few. The cost I’ve put on my credit card for our time together is priceless to me! Best credit card purchase I ever made!:) I really just want you to know how much I appreciate and value you and believe in your mission and your genius. ” ~ Courtney Varner


  1.   I know I want to use speaking to grow my business; how is this different from other business-building events?
  • This is a small group deep-dive into YOUR message and your mojo — your authentic charisma, personal power, and magnetic presence — , with lots of personalized focus.   Unlike other events where you are just one in a crowd, this is an intimate retreat for no more than 8 people with shared intention and focus.   You’ll receive the benefit of oodles of private focus as well as the mastermind power of the group.   Because of the small group size, we will be nimble and able to do some of this work on the mountain top, on hiking trails, and other locations that allow greater freedom of movement and thought, supported by nature.  You’ll also be practicing giving some or all of your speech, receiving supportive and helpful feedback from your peers.   This is not just “learn and go home.”  You’ll be implementing and creating on site, leaving with a clear talk, strategy, and empowered presence — plus a new tribe of influential, high-vibin’ friends and peers!
  • What creates influence and impact (and therefore income) is your PRESENCE.  How are you showing up for your life, your business, your clients, your audience?  Are you touching their hearts?  Are you leaving a legacy?   You can’t learn this stuff in a “business-building” event.   This comes from the deep-dive discovery of BEING YOU.   Aligning with your real purpose and mission.  Finding the words that resonate, from the core of your being to the core of theirs — as well as addressing the language and practical concerns that inspire them to whip out their Visa card to hire you.    Your presence is magnified or limited by your willingness and your own self-awareness, which is the foundation of what we’ll do during this event.
  •   I’m a little wary of programs that offer “strategies” or “formulas” for success, and you mentioned a strategy above.  They work for some people but not everyone.  How can I be sure this will work for me?
    • The way I play with “strategy” is that the point is to expand your mindset about what is possible for you.  When you see a strategy broken down step by step, and LEARN THE UNDERLYING PSYCHOLOGY about why it works, then you have new specific ideas in your toolbox, which you can then adapt for your own use.   It is like anything — we learn first by copying someone else’s rules and then make them our own.   We all learned to write by following the rules for how to draw the letters A,B,C, etc.  But as we mastered the line strokes, we developed our own unique style of handwriting. Learning a strategy gives you a starting place for implementing new actions, and your own feedback and experience will guide you to discover what works for YOUR audiences and what feels authentic for YOU.   My hope and intention is that you’ll take what you learn here and create something even better as you go.   This is just a starting place, a foundation on which to build.
    • My philosophy is, and always has been, that if your path looks like someone else’s path, it’s not your path.   So the point is NOT to hand you a step-by-step plan for you to follow to a “T”, but rather to understand what happens and why it works, so you can use the steps AND the underlying principles to carve your own path.   I have no interest in creating “followers” of a formula; I stand for empowering LEADERS.  And that means supporting you to trust yourself, so that you can lead in your own unique way.


  •  Oh God.  I see you mentioned “play” in the description.   I get it, intellectually, that play can be useful and I’m sure it is for some people, but it is SO not my thing.   That sounds way out of my comfort zone.   Are you going to make me do something that makes me look like an idiot?   
    • This is a normal response from very smart people who left “play” behind in second grade.   So, yes, relaxing into having playful fun usually freaks people out when they first think about it.   Therein lies the point — THINKING about it is what causes the stress.   So when we just jump in and do something fun and playful in the spur of the moment, it just feels good and natural and your whole body relaxes.   Your level of “playfulness” can be authentic to you, no matter how serious you are.   Some people discover they have a hilarious witty sense of humor that comes out — as in playful attitude.  Others tap into a lightness of being that they haven’t felt for years.   As one spouse said to me after one retreat, “I got my husband back!”  Everyone comes to life in very authentic ways because of this work… er.. I mean, play.
    • You’d be surprised how fun and easy it will feel, after you sit with your initial wave of trepidation and self-consciousness.   The question is, are you willing to experience more fun and relaxation?   If not, this event is definitely not for you.   If you are, then bring an open mind.   And while I’d love to promise you that I won’t “make you look like an idiot,” what is actually true is that your judgment of what constitutes “looking like an idiot” will evolve and you’ll relax into being more authentically you.


  • I’ve heard all this stuff before, I’ve worked with other coaches, and still haven’t achieved the success and ease I want.  Why would this be any different for me?
    • If you’ve been doing personal growth work and business-building and “it’s still not working,” even if you know all the stuff, chances are you’re still playing out some unconscious patterns that you haven’t yet become aware of.   This is where the play comes in — when we play with our challenges and fears and dreams and visions, we are getting the transformation beyond just the mind, and into the body and the nervous system.   Most people KNOW much more than they’ve EMBODIED.    And it’s the embodiment — the actual rewiring of your brain and nervous system to BE in the world in a different way — that allows you to see things differently and make new choices.
    • As Einstein said, “you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”   We’ve got to uplevel the nervous system to access a higher level of consciousness, a new set of possibilities, and a broader perspective that can quantum leap over the obstacles and take the actions that previously felt impossible.   When we play, it brings the patterns into conscious awareness, so that we can accept and integrate those parts of ourselves and make room for new choices.     You’ll get to experience this during our initial Unblock Your Mojo deep-dive session prior to our retreat.


  •  I don’t know… I am having a hard time believing that you can make work feel like play.   Is this that new-agey “ease and flow, let it be easy” stuff?      You’re gonna have to draw me a picture here because I’m pretty sure that success comes from hard work, and you are saying that it can come from play.   I am skeptical.   What are you really saying?
    • Believe me, as a former “addict to struggle” myself, I get it!   The “hard work and hustle” message is pervasive in our society and in our minds.   And yes OF COURSE focused action and persistence lead to results.  But here’s the deal:   If you are doing work that feels like work, something is screwy.   Either you are doing work that is not aligned with your unique gifts and genius, or you’re undercharging and overgiving, or you are in the habit of holding on to a bad attitude!
    • To  create “the work that feels like play” means four things, to me:
      • Identifying the unique way that you can share your genius and gifts in the world in a way that lights you up!   This means getting clear on what lights you up, first of all.   Then giving yourself permission to do it.  Then believing that people would actually pay you to do that.  Then setting up the structures so they can and they will.   If you don’t go deep into “what lights me up?” and get radically honest with yourself, then you are probably skimming the surface and staying in the habits of “what you think you need to do to make money” which is work.    When you have gotten really honest about your unique genius and gifts and what makes you lose track of time because you’re so in the flow, then you know what feels like play to you, and you can create your business model around that.
      • Staying connected with the real reason you’re doing this work, so that you can tap into your mojo and energy and passion and joy EVEN during tasks and challenges that do not feel “fun.”   Every project has aspects of it that aren’t all “yippee skippee whee!” joy, but when you have created the habit of connecting with your Big Why and your best self and the reasons that light you up, you bring the attitude that lets it all feel like play.   You’re responsible for the energy and attitude you bring to the moment, so you can either bring “work” vibes (“ugh”) or “play” vibes (“awesome!  let’s do this!”) and create the experience and feelings you desire.
      • Owning the value of what you are offering and pricing it accordingly.   If you are working hard all the time, it is worth looking at your business model and how you are pricing things.   Are you factoring in your self-care and replenishment into your income goals?   Or are you tethered to your laptop and phone and taking no time off because you believe you have to “work hard all the time” to ensure you are making enough money?   What if you valued yourself enough to take care of you first, and adjust your business model so it truly supports you?
      • When you are in your zone of genius, your “work” is just the expression of you, your gifts , your passions, your talents, your message.   Which means that you’re just being you and sharing it.    So your “work” is also to take care of you!   Your “work” is to create a life in which you are either replenishing yourself, nourishing your mind, body, and spirit, or engaged in meaningful activities that share the best of you with others.   You’re either giving or receiving.  Either way, it’s your “work” to be you.   Or your “play”, depending on how you choose to see it.   Because let’s face it — if your “work” is simply to be you and share it, why would you not want to do it in a way that lights you up?  There are no rules other than the ones you create for yourself.


  • If I haven’t dialed in my message by now, what makes you think I can get clear on my message in a 3-day retreat?   I mean, I’ve been working on this stuff and it takes time.   What if I go to this thing and after 3 days I STILL don’t have a clear message?  I don’t want to waste money if there’s any chance that I will come away without what I really need.   I really need this to work.  How can I be sure it will?

    • Okay, first off we need to look at the hidden payoff of NOT having a clear message.   Does lack of clarity keep you “safe” so that you don’t have to show up and be bold and visible sharing your message with the world and risking rejection and criticism?   Hmmm, right?   So what would it take to commit to clarifying your message and showing up as the bold and visible leader that you are?   What fears and concerns does that stir up?   Before you go any further, spend some time with the “hidden payoff” question and see what comes up.  Yowza!   Time for radical self-awareness and honesty.
    • Second, use the power of your intention and desire to own that you truly desire a clear message and are willing to come away from this event with that clarity.  What would that mean for you?  What would feel clear?  What would you be able to do?  What actions could you then take?  What would be possible for you if this were clear?  Is that something you’re ready to commit to experiencing?   Set your intention for what you’d like to experience, and look at how this event fits or doesn’t fit into that intention.
    • And finally, smile.   Smile, because the small group gathered at this retreat is like your soul family.  The ones who “get” you and are here to help you.   We are tapping into the power of the group mind, to tune into a creativity and intelligence that is beyond any one of us.  And the participants at this retreat are your tribe– intelligent, smart, successful, professional, capable, brilliant, creative, innovative LEADERS, intentionally selected and gathered for this purpose.   What we can create when we gather with this intention, is beyond anything any one of us can do on our own.   This is the power of the small group with laser focus and shared intention.  Celebrate in advance, your success!


  • OMG, I’m a little wigged out by the investment.   Do you have any options that are less expensive?
    • Take a moment and tune in to your future self, the one that is rockin’ your talks and creating massive impact from the stage.   Think about how much money you see yourself making over the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years.   When you look at the longterm impact of getting yourself out there, how does the number look now?   Do you want to be creating a six or multi-six-figure business using speaking as your primary, or one of your primary, methods of connecting with audiences?   What is the wealth consciousness you’re bringing to the moment?   I like playing with people with big visions and a willingness to expand their wealth consciousness.   If you feel that a six- or multi-six-figure business from speaking (even if you don’t know HOW) is NOT where you want to play these next few months and this next year, then this event is not a fit for you.


I couldn’t imagine charging THAT MUCH but I just enrolled two new clients at a rate that is four times what I was charging before — from $550 to $2000– and it feels so aligned and “of course”!   They were happy to pay and I feel so much more clear about the value of what I offer.  Our work together has helped me get so much more clear on my message and show up with clarity.   I love how you’ve helped me become more strategic in how I think about speaking and how I can really help people AFTER they hear me speak — the strategic thinking I’ve learned from you is worth its weight in gold!    I’m so incredibly grateful to be working with you and learning from you.  Everything we do is so aligned and resonant and I am learning how to attract and make money more authentically than ever before, thank you thank you!   ~ Christina Richards

With Anne’s help I created a plan to establish my speaking business, get out there and book speaking gigs, set up the business infrastructure I need, and build my brand so that I can replace my job income, quit my job, and finally create the business that’s been in my heart for so long.  

The best part about working with Anne is that everything feels so EASY.  Even when we are doing the deep inner work, she brings lightness to the process that makes me laugh and helps me connect with my joy.  And best of all, Anne is REAL 🙂 I feel comfortable being totally honest and raw with her knowing that she will not judge or try to jump in and fix it for me.  I also appreciate how she is willing to adjust and change in the middle of a session … or in mid-stride even!  

She is different from other coaches I know because she doesn’t waste time pretending that she has it all figured out ahead of time and has all of the right answers in her pocket.  I am always amazed at how she can reframe a problem or a goal to offer new insight, and I feel like she is truly invested in helping me to be my best self.  It is amazing how she can cut through to the deepest layer to see the root cause of an issue or desire. 

The biggest shift came when I chose to invest in coaching with Anne – it was a choice to invest in myself and my dream and to know that I really can do this, and I’m ready.  When I made the decision to do it, it was a tremendous gift to myself and a way for me to value myself enough to go for my dreams!  

I am having so much fun creating my business this time around – it is a completely different experience than the first time.  I’m enjoying making calls and following the energy of the process, I’m excited and clear about what I have to offer, and I feel 100% confident that I’ve mapped out a very realistic plan for me to meet my income goals and make my “dream business” my reality.   Instead of dreading “how” I would “figure out” how to do it all, it now feels exciting and fun and I look forward to working on my business every day.  ~ LaRita Jarvis



“Anne’s combination of visioning and embodiment has really inspired me to see myself and the work I am doing in new ways, with powerful energy and practical suggestions.  I felt very supported and encouraged by Anne, not just in that general feel-good way (though it was enjoyable and playful-feeling to do this work), but in very specific, concrete ways that brought her experience and way of thinking to the issues specific to my work and context. I am breaking through into a new way of doing my work–more empowered, more authentic, and more true to me.” ~ Amy Howard

“I’ve connected with the real me — the part of me that typically gets tuned out and ignored.  I’ve come out of my shell, a whole new world has opened, and I’m more excited than nervous.”  ~ Daphne Larsen

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