JOY SCHOOL in Maui, October 5-11, 2014

 Join us for a 6 – day full immersion experience designed to raise you up into your highest vibration ever!

YOU are invited to join us in paradise…
for the experiential adventure that will change your life forever!

Soak up the volcanic creation energy that infuses the magical island of Maui as you laugh, play, and relax into your true self…

Expand your being into the divine, abundant, joyful energy of your highest self…

Feel yourself flowing with vibrations of bliss and joy beyond anything you’ve experienced…

Every cell of your radiant body experiencing heaven on earth, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you can now have the life of your dreams…

Because you chose to say “Yes!” to Embodying Your JOY!


Imagine yourself feeling free from the matrix of confusing, doubtful, fear-based thoughts that keep you small, stuck, and in lack.  

Imagine yourself creating massive energy shifts and stepping into the fullest, most expansive version of you!  Imagine yourself laughing with sheer delight and ecstasy at the FREEDOM OF BEING YOU!

This is what is possible when you say YES to embodying your Joy.   When you do:

  • You have an unmistakable compass in the core of your being that shows you the path of ease that guides you to your highest destiny, your unlimited abundance, and your grandest dreams.
  • You feel joy and excitement when you wake up in the morning, because you’re free to be YOU, doing what you love!
  • You’re magnetic, radiating peace, kindness, love, and divine energy from your being…
  • You feel confident in your path,  comfortable with yourself, and at ease with everyone in your world — your friends, your family, your co-workers–because you are at peace with yourself.
  • Your health restores to its natural state of wellbeing and vitality.
  • You no longer feel the need to play small, hide, or hold back in order to avoid judgment… you simply feel FREE TO BE YOU!
  • You play the game of life as it was meant to be played — as a divine creator of beauty, truth, and LIGHT in our world — transforming the consciousness of the planet by being the original, unique, magnificent YOU that you were born to be!

The keys to unlock your best life ever are already inside of YOU!  It’s time for you to discover the power within…

Joy School is about revealing the TRUE YOU, stepping into FREEDOM, and gaining tools and practices for JOYFUL LIVING that will help you stay centered in your divine truth and connected with your soul.

The energy shifts, tools, practices, games and insights you gain in Joy School will raise your vibration to new heights and give you the FUN, SIMPLE, and POWERFUL tools that you’ll use to maintain the shifts long after you return from Maui — so you can LIVE IN FREEDOM and LOVE YOUR LIFE!

Included in JOY SCHOOL:

  • 6 nights, 5 days at Lumeria Maui, a luxurious transformational retreat center
  • Farm-to-table dining: daily meals made from the freshest and finest quality seasonal ingredients—all harvested from the bounty of Lumeria’s lush tropical and edible gardens and other local organic farms.   (Daily breakfast and four dinners are included; lunches are on your own (a la carte from Lumeria’s Harvest cafe), as well as the two dinners that will be “out and about” elsewhere on the island.)
  • Morning yoga and meditation classes at Lumeria
  • Embodying Joy playshops to laugh, play, and raise your vibration as you become the embodiment of  JOY!
  • Daily Joy Activation Laughter Meditations
  • Two private coaching sessions in the weeks following the retreat to support you in integrating your new awarenesses, practices, intentions, and strategies in your “real life” at home
  • An online forum for staying connected with the other participants following the retreat

We will be having two outings during the week:

  • Outrigger canoeing in a traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe (similar to what the Polynesians used to paddle from island to island long ago) to embody the practice of “letting go of the shore” and setting sail on the ocean of the unknown, joyfully, with laughter and the cameraderie of your tribe.
  • A trip to the beach, where you have the option of taking a surfing lesson, standup paddleboarding, relaxing on the beach, renting a kayak, or exploring on your own, whatever serves your journey and the theme that you are exploring at that point during the week.  (At your own expense)

Airfare to Maui and transfers from the airport to Lumeria are not included.

Where we’ll be:

Our home for the week is Lumeria Maui, a luxury  educational retreat center and stunning oasis of tranquility that connects people with the sacred ‘aina and mystery of Maui through its experiential classes and programs.   Lumeria is located on six magnificently landscaped ocean view acres, just outside of the seaside village of Paia on Maui’s North Shore. The 1909 historic building was completely restored by award winning designer and author of SoulSpace, Mr. Xorin Balbes.   Lumeria Maui hosts daily educational classes in meditation, yoga, and organic horticulture with farm-to-table dining experience.  The world-class menu is sourced from Lumeria Maui’s own gardens and local organic farms.

Your Investment in your SOUL:  $3,295.00 USD
Sweet bonus for friends of Joe and fans of Natural Laughter): SAVE $100!


Lodging Preference


What People Are Saying: 

“I’ve transformed from being in a hard knot little shell and now I feel like that seed that’s finally sprouted and ready to grow… and there’s lots more there.  I’ve recaptured that part of me that feels joy, and is strong, and just enjoys the pleasures of being alive.  And it’s been so fun!   Laughing, playing, and loving people… it’s just fun.”  ~  Andrea Gower

“I had lost the ability to dream and to have hope for the future.  Reconnecting with my ability to dream and move forward, I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.  I feel like I’ve come home to myself.  I wanted to become more joyful and more passionate about life and that has happened.”  ~ Mary Martinat

“Have you introduced me to magic?   Joy School is AMAZING, BRILLIANT, INSIGHTFUL, LIFE ALTERING, and LIGHT!  I am blown away by the power of this work.  I encourage anyone to spend time laughing and coaching with Anne and expect a sea of wonderful changes to follow.”  ~ Laurel Pumphrey

“Words can’t describe the feelings of joy, happiness, and lightheartedness.  So much has happened in one week, it’s unbelievable.  It’s been a week of laughter, joy, depth, and introspection.  We’ve been busy but I’ve slowed down in a way that I’ve never slowed down before.   The highlight was really when we came together as a group and really saw the beauty in each other, this positive goodness that was just amazing.  I didn’t know if this was for me, but I am SO glad I came.  It’s the best money I’ve spent, the best time I’ve taken away from work and family, it’s been totally worth it, totally.  If you’re thinking about it,  GO!  Don’t think about it anymore, just go. ”   ~ Jennifer Backstrom

“I’ve had lower back pain for so long and after a joy session with Anne, it is gone and hasn’t come back!” ~ Trish Morris

“I’ve connected with the real me — the part of me that typically gets tuned out and ignored.  I’ve come out of my shell, a whole new world has opened, and I’m more excited than nervous.”  ~ Daphne Larsen

“I gained the confidence to end a toxic relationship and I found the courage to be more authentic with others in my life.  And I’ve gotten excited about my career path again, and am feeling more solid about my path.”  ~ Laura Le

“I can literally feel myself growing into becoming a new person–a person that is strong and clear and empowered instead of worried and doubtful and making excuses.   Anne is truly an embodiment of higher consciousness.   Her wisdom and enthusiasm give me so much confidence in my own path and in knowing what is possible for me.”  ~  Jennifer Aldana

“Anne’s words vibrate at a deeper-seeing level and she “sees” things that she is able to put into words that captivate and stir.” ~ Carol Price

“Wow…Anne is so full of love and understanding of this process of awakening. I am cracking like a chick, pecking out of my shell… Like a baby chick it isn’t comfortable to peck out of shell as inside the shell is so comfortable, but if I stay in the shell I won’t evolve and I will die in that old comfort.  Anne’s insights and practices have been a gift and a miracle to me — thank you thank you thank you. Anne is a woman of deep, deep wisdom and her deep connection is has been very supportive and helpful to me. She is a blessing.”   ~  Ellen Decker

“Wow.  There are not words to express the gratitude for the gift of clarity you have given me.  This has been insightful and profound and far beyond my expectations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Carolyn Sommers

 “Before Joy School, I felt like I was in a dark cave, all by myself and so frustrated that I was not doing the work that I passionately want to do.  Now, I can see the endless possibilities and feel like the whole world has opened up in front of me.  I feel clear to live from my own strengths and not live someone else’s idea of what I’m supposed to do.   I don’t yet know the outcome of what’s next, but I know that I CAN DO THIS and I am confident that the outcome is going to be perfect for me.  Anne has a gift of helping me feel how easy it all can be.”   ~  Dan Johnson

“I was stuck in a hole and now I can see the light to get out.  I’m feeling positive, moving forward, knowing it’s okay to be me.”  – Chris Cummings

“I have worked with many coaches, healers, and therapists over the years and was very skeptical about laughing and playing during the discovery process.  I thought “no way.”  But what happened just blew my mind.  I have never experienced such a powerful shift in energy so immediately. I am in awe of what has happened during our time together.”  ~ Tony Drew

“I’ve learned so many tools to help me stay light-hearted!  My life is getting EASY, and I feel unstoppable and know that my goals are in reach!”  ~ LaRita Jarvis

“What would I say to others? Jump in.  Just do it, without thinking.  Don’t let your head get in the way of coming here.  Or money — don’t make that an issue.  Just come.”   ~  Rick McGalliard

“I came here to solve so many issues in my life, but I wasn’t really turning my introspection to realizing that I’m responsible for those things.  Now that I have that self awareness and the tools to take back with me, I feel like I understand what I really need to embody joy… I needed to plug back into life.  I was unplugged!     What would I say to others about this experience?   Prepare for a week of unexpected adventure, both in a beautiful place and in a beautiful mind– yours.  And you want to be prepared to receive so much abundance — from the people you connect with and meet, and energy shifts, and fun things to do.”   ~ Johanna Anderson

“This has been the most joy-filled, heart-felt, mind-opening, soul-healing experience.   The cool thing is, you don’t just come and watch –you participate and explore and develop and you get tools … I’ve got so many tools for joy to take home with me now … it’s been perfect.  If you’re thinking about it at all , follow your heart.  You won’t regret it.”  ~ Dan Johnson

“I came to understand its not about getting all the negativity out of your life, it’s about bringing the positive and understanding the negative better.  I feel like I can really can take that away with me and embody joy, and I’m excited to share that joy with others.  What would I tell others about this experience?  Do it!  Don’t think about it, stop putting it off , just do it.” ~  Deborah Byrnes

“I’m feeling me, getting back to me, the inner me, and seeing the possibilities, which always seem so possible around Anne.  What would I say to others?  I’d tell them what I tell everyone.  Follow Anne anywhere.  Truly.”  ~ Paulette Lym

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