To embody Joy is to feel it and express it through your whole body.  And yet, due to our sedentary lifestyles and tendency to live in our heads, stuck on the hamster-wheel of endless thoughts, we have become disconnected from the innate intelligence and wisdom of our bodies, oblivious to the fact that we are already occupying the vehicle in which Joy lives, and even more unaware that we are the drivers of these Bliss-mobiles.

It turns out that the gateway to Joy can be opened through the integration of conscious awareness with whole-body practices such as breathing, movement, laughter, and play.   As we breathe, laugh, play, and move with conscious intention, we release old patterns of negative thinking and deeply-entrenched fears and anxiety, while creating new muscle memory and neural networks grounded in positive emotion.

It used to be that we thought laughter arose from joy, that smiles reflected happiness, and that you had to feel joyful or happy first before you could laugh or smile.  Now we know that the opposite is also true—that you can alter your emotional state by engaging in physical movement!  No longer do you need to wait to feel happy before you can smile; instead, you can smile or laugh first, and generate the biochemistry of joy in your body.

As modern scientific research converges with millenia of spiritual wisdom, we become increasingly aware that we have greater control over our experience of life than we ever thought possible.   No longer must we simply react to the external circumstances of life and suffer from the emotional rollercoasters that follow.  Instead, we can rewire our brains and transform our physiology into a more highly-evolved human form that is capable of flowing through life with grace and ease and equanimity.   As we embrace a whole-body, whole-being way of living, we discover that in every moment we can access the best part of ourselves, we can free ourselves from the emotional suffering that perpetuates conflict and misunderstandings in our relationships, and we can discover the endless reservoir of Joy at our

Musicians take music lessons from a teacher who has mastered the skills and techniques of playing an instrument well; athletes have coaches to help them develop skills and techniques on the playing field.  Emotional training is no different; you can make leaps in your transformational progress by working with a coach as you practice new techniques that help to create new neural pathways in your brain.  Just as you can strengthen your biceps by lifting weights, you can strengthen your happiness muscles by practicing feeling happy, and the Joy Coaching Playground is designed to give you whole-body experience that you can return to even in the face of life’s challenges.

During the course of a Joy Coaching session, you’ll bring to the Playground whatever topic, challenge, or goal you’d like to address, and we’ll utilize movement (within the comfortable range of your physical ability), breathing, laughter, and whole-body activity to access your own inner wisdom, to strengthen your inner compass, and to build your laughter muscles–literally and metaphorically.   Depending upon the topic or challenge at hand, you may experience a full range of emotions emerging as your body releases old patterns of fear, anger, or anxiety; this is a beautiful and necessary catharsis which then allows room for greater heights of Joy to flow into your experience.  The loving space of the Playground allows you to break through old walls of limitation and expand into greater capacities to laugh, to love, and to live as the fullest expression of yourself in the world.

If you’re ready to move into whole-body, whole-being living and step into the driver’s seat of your own Bliss-mobile, contact me today for a free consultation.

In the end, it doesn’t actually matter if we understand the neuroscience of how or why lasting transformation is possible.  All that is important is that each one of us wants to feel happy, to feel lighter in our bodies, to move through life with ease, confidence, and clarity, and we have the tools available to us to release  the layers of fear, doubt, and stress so that we can truly embody Joy!

“May all beings learn how to nourish themselves with joy each day.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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