What Joyful Genius coaching clients are saying:

Lacey Broussard
Creator of Love Your Birth…No Matter What!

Wrote a book, going to Bali…. I barely recognize my life from where I was!

As a doula for 4 years, and a mother and step-mother to 4 kids, my income and ability to work seemed limited and taking on more doula clients wasn’t something I wanted anyway. I wanted freedom, abundance, and connection. But, being homebound due to doula clients didn’t give me the freedom or abundance I yearned for. I knew I had something else to give to the world.

Working with Anne through the Joyful Genius program helped me get in touch with my divine self so in-tunely, that I was able to create my entire on-line birth empowerment coaching program called “Love Your Birth…No Matter What” during shavasana pose at the end of yoga sessions and sitting in my local gym’s steam room. Yep, that’s honestly how it happened! I would go sit in the steam room, clear my mind, and download a chapter of my book from the Universe! It would just come to me with complete effortlessness. I have never been a writer, nor do I enjoy writing. But, this was different. This was easy because teaching women how to have a great birth regardless of how it happens is my genius.

I’m not even sure how Anne helped me connect with my divine joyful genius so intimately, but I bet it had something to do with laughter and her always helping me see the good in anything and everything that was going on in my life. We literally laughed our way through my inner drama of going to court over a situation with my ex-husband.  I was really stressed about it, and ended up laughing with Anne because the whole thing suddenly became so funny!

Now that I have this book turned on-line program of my own, and a greater sense of clarity for the life and business that I want, I am now on my way to creating the business and life of my dreams by giving the world my Joyful Genius that Anne helped me get in touch with and discover. Since starting the Joyful Genius program, I have made a commitment to live fully from this place of inner knowing of who I am and what I have to give to the world. No longer do I have money issues because every time I act on my divine desires, the money always, always, finds itself in my bank account in the most unexpected ways.

Since doing the Joyful Genius homework, one need that I discovered was connecting with like-minded people in my industry. Well, taking action to connect with like-minded people didn’t just get me connected with them on-line, but now, I will also be connecting with some of the greatest movers and shakers of birth in America when I go to Bali in November for a birth related retreat! Yeah for freedom, abundance, and connection!

 The biggest shift that I’ve experienced since working with Anne altogether would be that I no longer live and act from my head as much as I do from my heart. Her ability and incorporation of laughter and play into everything she does really helps me get out of my logical brain and act in alignment with my divine desires that bring me way more joy than being logical ever did!

I’ve learned so much and come so far, that I barely recognize my life from where I was 7 months ago!

~ Courtney Varner

"Best credit card purchase I ever made!"

I had talked with other spiritual healers in the past, in several different mediums and specialties, but I never really walked away with any sort of tangible difference, or shift in mentality, or never developed a connection.  So, needless to say, those attempts were not successful for me.  And no matter how much self inner-work I have done, sometimes I just feel like I need a partner to multiply my energy, to be a mentor, an objective sounding board, a wise soul.

Within the first 10 minutes (or less!) of talking with Anne, I felt like I had known her for years.  We had an immediate rapport and genuine connection that made talking to her easy and fluid and comfortable, even comforting.  There was no awkward beginning or pauses to "reconnect" or figure out the next question.  It was more of a mutual, back and forth conversation.  Anne knew exactly what to ask me and how to approach it with sensitivity paired with a candidness, which revealed her down to earth nature.  In that same vein, she shared relevant things in her own life when they coincided with anecdotes I shared or when she had a gem of insight based on personal experience.  By the time the conversation was ending, I knew I wanted to work with her more.  After sleeping on it for a night, (even though I knew at the time I wanted to do it, but I'm not an impulse buyer), I happily signed up to work with Anne.

I wanted to get results, meaning I wanted to work with someone who really customized this experience to me and pinpointed what really needed to shift in my life, to break through and transform, to reach my highest potential and my divine truth.  Unlike my prior experiences with spiritual mentors, therapists, shamans, etc.  I wanted someone who did not need to "showboat" or "ritualize" every session (don't get me wrong, I love rituals, but I also want practical and applicable guidance) but truly wanted to help make a difference in her clients.  I was not disappointed.  This is exactly what I got from Anne.

Within only 2 weeks of having sessions with Anne, so many things turned upside down!  All the negative things in my life, the things that no longer matched my vibration, the things that I didn't want in my life and hadn't for a while just up and left - literally!  Everything from a job I hated, a guy I was newly dating but was not beneficial for me, mis-matched friends faded out of the picture neutrally, a volunteer position that was close to my heart but perhaps was taking too much energy that I needed elsewhere lovingly dismissed itself, situations with family members that needed to show themselves rang out loud and clear, communications with new joyful job opportunities, re-connections with close true friends I hadn't spoken to in a couple of months.  Not to mention a new-found motivation and commitment to inner work and spirituality on a daily, moment-by-moment basis.  It is my priority; nothing else is more important, because Anne helped me see (and showed me through energetic proof of working together) that when our spirituality and love for ourselves is centered and aligned, then everything falls into place.  It's how the Universe works!"  

The biggest shift that's happened so far, is the change in how I look at my world and the world outside and how they are interconnected at all times, and how powerful a manifestor I am!  I really noticed incredible proof of creating and bringing things into my life that I affirm and state and write as my intentions, and believe will happen because that's what we are meant to do.  Also using my intuition to know what to ask for (if it's in line with my divine essence and truth and if it's for my highest and best good).  Anne was very helpful in teaching me how to discern this from frilly child-like wants (which are ok too at the right times!) 

If you're thinking about investing in coaching with Anne, it is so worth it!  You still have to work.  That's the beauty and the pain of life combined.  This is the only way we ultimately know ourselves, discover our divinely-gifted genius and share it with the rest of the world as only we can do. That's the hardest part, but you feel like you have a comrade, an advocate to support and guide you.  Anne's intuition, intelligence, and open insight are indispensable tools on your path.

UPDATE:  4 weeks later...

"I think it would be safe to say that this is the beginning of the most amazing, miraculous time of my life.  I feel joy and gratitude soooo much more on a daily basis than I did before.  I feel almost overwhelmed with blessings!  But the gift is, like you said, instead of feeling guilty about it, I know I deserve it, and that it's what the Universe wants for me and that loving myself in a true, deep way is the creation in all of this.
"I know without a doubt, and with all of my heart that all of these things started happening when I first made contact with you.  Not a day goes by that I don't acknowledge that and give gratitude and send love and light to you!  I am so, so, so grateful that I chose to work with you.  You have literally helped me transform my life in bigger ways than I ever imagined.  And you have gone above and beyond with communicating by email and following up with me, which has renewed my faith in so many ways and meant more to me than you can imagine.  You have been giving me the gifts of listening, interaction, warmth, support, wisdom, and insight to name a few.  The cost I've put on my credit card for our time together is priceless to me!  Best credit card purchase I ever made! 🙂 (Too bad all of them weren't 😉 I really just want you to know how much I appreciate and value you and believe in your mission and your genius. I know that you touch other's lives as you do mine, and I wish you massive amounts of clients and abundance and joy!"

~ Harriet Fagerholm

"The impossible turns out to be possible."

I went through a low period, because of lack of motivation and joy. I had a challenging situation with a partner I had invested a lot of time and effort in co-creating a conscious business endeavor. Everything seemed to fall apart once again, and old fears had been triggered.

Getting the opportunity to try a free session and get deeply into the power of Anne and the laughter as a way to liberate the inner blocks got me to jump in and invest in the Joyful Genius coaching process.  I am so happy I did, since the sessions have empowered me tremendously and they have addressed the core issues I had to work with.  There's no escape from the hard work, but the lightness of joy helps so much -- the impossible turns out to be possible.  The tasks in between sessions were also very good support for the process. 

Since doing the Joyful Genius coaching, my energy level has gone up, I have confidence in myself, and I have the trust again in my soul´s guidance. My focus has shifted towards the issues that brings me joy, since there is my purpose too. I had been caught up in narrow thinking and now the horizon has broadened a lot. Laughter comes more freely and I notice that it guides me. What makes me laugh from the depth of my heart is what turns me and all my creative genius on.   Thank you Anne, you are definitely a Joyful Genius.

~ LaRita Jarvis

"Everything feels so easy!'

I had big plans to start my own business and started by making cold calls and selling my services.  I dreaded making the calls and didn’t get much business, either, which was really discouraging.   I ended up getting a regular job and put my own business ideas on the back burner until finally I knew it was time for me to take action again.  I invested in my dream by giving myself the gift of Joy School in Maui with Anne, and coaching with her for a few months.  Every session was another deep-dive into my core issues and patterns of not speaking up for myself, expecting others to meet my needs, and feeling invisible and not valued.  With Anne’s guidance I started meeting and honoring my own needs, letting myself have a voice, speaking up for what I knew needed to be done, and showing up differently in my relationship and at work.  I felt more empowered and clear about what I wanted and needed to say.  

Then almost overnight I felt inspired to launch my own business again.   With Anne’s help I created a plan to establish my speaking business, get out there and book speaking gigs, set up the business infrastructure I need, and build my brand so that I can replace my job income, quit my job, and finally create the business that’s been in my heart for so long.  

The best part about working with Anne is that everything feels so EASY.  Even when we are doing the deep inner work, she brings lightness to the process that makes me laugh and helps me connect with my joy.  And best of all, Anne is REAL 🙂 I feel comfortable being totally honest and raw with her knowing that she will not judge or try to jump in and fix it for me.  I also appreciate how she is willing to adjust and change in the middle of a session ... or in mid-stride even!  

She is different from other coaches I know because she doesn't waste time pretending that she has it all figured out ahead of time and has all of the right answers in her pocket.  I am always amazed at how she can reframe a problem or a goal to offer new insight, and I feel like she is truly invested in helping me to be my best self.  It is amazing how she can cut through to the deepest layer to see the root cause of an issue or desire. 

The biggest shift came when I chose to invest in coaching with Anne – it was a choice to invest in myself and my dream and to know that I really can do this, and I’m ready.  When I made the decision to do it, it was a tremendous gift to myself and a way for me to value myself enough to go for my dreams! 

During my first Joyful Genius session with Anne, my one-year vision and strategy poured through me with so much ease and flow, it felt effortless – and really do-able! I am having so much fun creating my business this time around – it is a completely different experience than the first time.  I’m enjoying making calls and following the energy of the process, I’m excited and clear about what I have to offer, and I feel 100% confident that I’ve mapped out a very realistic plan for me to meet my income goals and make my “dream business” my reality.   Instead of dreading “how” I would “figure out” how to do it all, it now feels exciting and fun and I look forward to working on my business every day.  Thanks, Anne, for helping me find my path of ease!

~ Mary Martinat

"I had lost the ability to dream and to have hope for the future."

Reconnecting with my ability to dream and move forward, I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.  I feel like I’ve come home to myself.  I wanted to become more joyful and more passionate about life and that has happened.  

~ Jisele Tuuri

"This is an eye-opener... I am God-inspired!"

Coaching with Anne helped me to see my pattern of not feeling safe or even accepted in my home and always being the one to leave. Whether it is self-preservation, or protecting my energy field, the pattern has repeated itself because I haven't fully accepted my own innate wisdom and beautiful self and my "little girl" always feels like the odd ball, out of place and not good enough or accepted. 

What I realized is that all the other "players' in my life--the chaotic roommates, the demeaning relationships , etc. -- didn't really matter except as mirrors as to how I feel about myself.

What I know now is that I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful and very capable of being, doing or creating anything I place my focus on!   Everyone else is just a mirror reflecting back to me so that I might be more loving, accepting and understanding of myself.

I know that my dreams and thoughts are important because they are mine and because it is all God-inspired. I am God-inspired and in expression.  I am good enough because God doesn't make junk, only works of art and beauty in all of us.    I now see that people are in our lives to wake us up to the fullness of who we are.  Sometimes they act as mirrors which reflect back to us how we are being to ourselves. Am I living in my truth? Or am I allowing old patterns and outdated stories to take my joy and true beautiful essence away?

Wow!  This Embodying Joy coaching work is an eye-opener.  As Anne says, we have come together for a reason.  We all recognize at a soul's level that we all have so much love, beauty and our own unique gifts to share and uplift humanity.

So Anne is our catalyst for massive change and awakening of our true essence.   She reminds us through compassion and laughter to spread our wings to much greater heights than we have, up until now, allowed ourselves to go.   Wow! What a view! Life is beautiful!

~ Ellen King

"It's really just okay to be me!"

I’ve just begun Joyful Genius coaching with Anne, and already the process has been invaluable for me to own my truths and my joy.   In our first session alone, she helped me see my piles of clutter and disorganization in a new way, letting go of the shame and “shoulds”, which I didn’t even realize were there.   The laughter exercise that emerged during our session lightened up the energy so much that it feels totally different now – I know I have piles of stuff to address, but there’s no more dreading it.   It feels fine and light and liberating to feel like it’s really just okay to be me!   I didn’t even know we would be going there during this coaching process, but I’m so glad it came up.    I’m just beginning to feel how powerful this coaching is.  Anne is truly a masterful coach and very gifted at seeing the big picture of what needs to be addressed.

~ Daniela Dumitriu

"My life started changing like out of nowhere!"

After working with Anne, my life started changing like out of nowhere — I felt inspired to change my diet and immediately felt much better, I became highly creative, I spontaneously felt like making some dramatic changes regarding my website which turned out to be the best decision ever!  There are other laughter yoga people who do mentoring but Anne somehow has more joy than they do.  🙂   Usually their approach is focused mainly on spirituality and therapy, while Anne's is like going to a circus and having a blast and feeling empowered, too. 🙂  

~ Trish Morris

"I'm free of a burden I didn't even know I had"

"After just one session with Anne,  I feel healthier in a way and happier in a way that I didn't know I was missing. I feel more authentic and I feel like I'm free of a burden I was carrying that I didn't even know I had.  Anne really understood where I was stuck,  and was able to discern what I wanted before I knew.  What really helped me is that she really listened to what I wanted and connected me with the thing I was looking for.  The coaching changed me -- gave me clarity on the next step, opened up a whole new world for me, and took away the chronic lower back pain that I'd had for years! "


~ Laurel Pumphrey

"Have you introduced me to magic?"

Have you introduced me to magic?   Joy Coaching is AMAZING, BRILLIANT, INSIGHTFUL, LIFE ALTERING, and LIGHT!  I am blown away by the power of this work.  I encourage anyone to spend time laughing and coaching with Anne and expect a sea of wonderful changes to follow.  

~ Terri Ebel

"My vision just came pouring through me!"

I knew that there is a purpose for my life and I knew that I wanted to be of service to others, but I was completely stumped about my gift—I couldn’t think of anything that made me special or unique, and I certainly couldn’t figure out what my “bliss” was.   The personalized practices that Anne created during my session seemed to open the floodgates and my vision just came pouring through me!   I now know clearly what I want to do, and what I was born to do, and I can't wait to get started.   My life feels fun again!   

~ Linda Boone

"Valuing myself and my desires really makes miracles happen!"

WOW! I just had the most POWERFUL and EMPOWERING session with Anne today.  The amazing ideas that came forth during our session just blew me away; she is loaded with intuitive insights that helped me to see clearly my passion in a way that has me feeling so excited to share it!   Besides the inspiring ideas, she also helped me to VALUE myself and see my creative gifts in a new way.   I am suddenly seeing how valuing myself and my desires really makes MIRACLES HAPPEN!

And more...

I have worked with many coaches, healers, and therapists over the years and was very skeptical about laughing and playing during the discovery process.  I thought “no way.”  But what happened just blew my mind.  I have never experienced such a powerful shift in energy so immediately. I am in awe of what has happened during our time together.  ~ Tony Drew

Working and playing with Anne has been pure delight. She listens deeply and held sacred space for me to discover where I wanted to go with my new business idea.  She helped me look at things in a different way that led to some pretty awesome ‘aha’ moments.  The addition of laughter and movement to the process cemented the ideas and concepts that I came up with.  I left feeling elated and excited to put the ideas into reality.  Working with Anne is awesome.  ~ Kate Robertson 

Anne’s combination of visioning and embodiment has really inspired me to see myself and the work I am doing in new ways, with powerful energy and practical suggestions.  I felt very supported and encouraged by Anne, not just in that general feel-good way (though it was enjoyable and playful-feeling to do this work), but in very specific, concrete ways that brought her experience and way of thinking to the issues specific to my work and context. I am breaking through into a new way of doing my work–more empowered, more authentic, and more true to me. ~ Amy Howard

I’ve connected with the real me — the part of me that typically gets tuned out and ignored.  I’ve come out of my shell, a whole new world has opened, and I’m more excited than nervous.  ~ Daphne Larsen

I gained the confidence to end a toxic relationship and I found the courage to be more authentic with others in my life.  And I’ve gotten excited about my career path again, and am feeling more solid about my path.  ~ Laura Le

I had lost the ability to dream and to have hope for the future.  Reconnecting with my ability to dream and move forward, I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.  I feel like I’ve come home to myself.  I wanted to become more joyful and more passionate about life and that has happened.  ~ Mary Martinat

Being with Anne on retreat and in coaching has really shifted how I show up in the world.  I love her insightful and practical approach to spirituality in my day to day life!  I’m more true to myself, more light-hearted, and have so much more compassion for myself. ~  Jill Johnson

I found Anne’s coaching to be generous, masterful and transformational. How anyone can transmit so much enthusiasm and joy is magical!  ~ Steve Price

Anne’s words vibrate at a deeper-seeing level and she “sees” things that she is able to put into words that captivate and stir. ~ Carol Price

Wow.  There are not words to express the gratitude for the gift of clarity you have given me.  This has been insightful and profound and far beyond my expectations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Carolyn Sommers

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