Aha! It’s no accident that you’re here.   That part of yourself that says “lighten up!” has guided you to this page.  That’s the same part of you that knows that it is possible to have more laughter, play, and light-hearted fun in life.  “What?”  you say.  “I know  how to have a good time!”  And no doubt you do.  But what we are talking about here is more than brief periods of happiness.   There is a part of you that knows that you are capable of creating sustainable change in the very way you live, breathe, and move in the world–that you have a vast capacity for experiencing Joy that has barely been tapped.

Joy?”  you say.  “Hmm, what does that feel like, anyway?”   My point exactly.  You’re here because there’s a part of you that wants to embody Joy, to live from a place of lightness and nimble-footed balance as you navigate the rocky terrain of life.  “Okay, sounds great,” you reply.  “So how do I do that?

The answer?  Practice, practice, and more practice.  You see, Joy is not an elusive state that just randomly happens to some people and not others.   Joy is your natural state, the very essence of your being, already within you.  And through the cultivation of daily practices and a bit o’ window-washing of the lenses through which you view life, you will feel it blossoming, brightening, and expanding from your core.

The formula for embodying joy is simple:  Lighten Up and Move Your Body.  Yet “simple” doesn’t always translate into “easy.”  We are loaded down with eons of evolutionary baggage–mental habits that draw us back into dwelling on the negative, unpleasant emotions that throw us off our game, and a whole lot of distractions that make “hey, just lighten up!” feel like advice given from another planet.  This is, indeed, the nature of being human–at least, it has been in our past.  But, there’s good news!   It turns out that we can teach old dogs new tricks.   Modern research in the field of neuroplasticity is blasting open the doors of possibility, revealing the extent to which we can repattern the neural networks in our brain and step into greater power over our experience of life.

And guess what?  One of the most effective practices in rewiring our brains is… Play!  That’s
right–good old-fashionedjoyfulwoman fun.  When we add conscious intention and awareness to playful movement with a willingness to explore new perspectives and possibilities, we access our whole body wisdom and accelerate our transformational process beyond that which we can do when we are stuck in our heads.  And when you infuse love and compassion with light-hearted levity, adding chuckles, giggles, and side-splitting laughter to the process of transformation, perceived problems dissolve into illusion and you find yourself moving swiftly toward the life of your dreams, propelling yourself to a higher level of consciousness where Joy reigns.

No matter where you are on your journey, you can move in the direction of greater Joy simply by moving your body, breathing, laughing, loving, and playing.   The Joy Coaching Playground is designed to help you gain experience and mastery as you apply this simple formula to even the most messy complications of life.  Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation and … hey, just lighten up!


“The closer you come to your core, the greater is your joy.”

~ Torkom Saraydarian


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